game / pragma.gameinstance / GameInstanceService / leaveMatchmakingV1 /

leaveMatchmakingV1 #

suspend fun leaveMatchmakingV1(session: PartnerSession, request: GameInstanceRpc.LeaveMatchmakingV1Request): GameInstanceRpc.LeaveMatchmakingV1Response

Request made by the game server to remove a game instance from matchmaking. The MatchmakingService may complete any pending changes to the game instance before it is removed.


  • PragmaError.GameInstanceService_UnknownGameInstanceId - If the game instance id is not found in the list of tracked game instances.
  • PragmaError.GameInstanceService_GameInstanceNotInMatchmaking - If the game instance is not in matchmaking already.
  • PragmaError.GameInstanceService_FailedToLeaveMatchmaking - If the RPC call to MatchmakingService fails.