game / pragma.gameinstance / GameInstanceService / getGameStartDataV1 /

getGameStartDataV1 #

suspend fun getGameStartDataV1(session: PartnerSession, request: GameInstanceRpc.GetGameStartDataV1Request): GameInstanceRpc.GetGameStartDataV1Response

Called by the game server when allocated a game to get the game start data.

Invokes the GameInstancePlugin.buildExtGameStart plugin method once and invokes the GameInstancePlugin.buildExtGameServerPlayer plugin method for each player in the game to generate ext data to be sent to the game server.


  • GameInstancePlugin.buildExtGameStart - Provide ext data of the game instance to the game server starting the game.
  • GameInstancePlugin.buildExtGameServerPlayer - Provide ext data of each player to the game server before connecting the player.


  • PragmaError.GameInstanceService_UnknownGameInstanceId - If the game instance id from request is not found.