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interface GameServerCompatibilityPlugin

The GameServerCompatibilityPlugin is responsible for determining the game server version for a given grouping of players by the party system. Pragma provides the following default implementations:


class OrderedGameServerCompatibilityPlugin(service: Service, contentDataNodeService: ContentDataNodeService) : GameServerCompatibilityPlugin, ConfigurablePlugin<OrderedGameServerCompatibilityPlugin.Config>

Implementation of GameServerCompatibilityPlugin that allows for mapping specific game server versions to specific game client versions. The same game client version can match to different game servers versions. If players in a party are compatible with multiple game server versions, the highest game server version (defined by the keys in versionCompatibility) will be used for matchmaking purposes. The {{USER_DEFINED_GAME_SERVER_VERSION}} value will be passed to the matchmaking service. Valid configuration must be defined on startup or the plugin will throw, preventing startup. If bad configuration is passed in after startup, a warning log will be emitted and the new configuration will not be honored.


interface PartyPlugin

The PartyPlugin allows for custom definition of logic within the PartyService.