game-common / pragma.gameinstance / GameInstanceMatchmakingPlugin / buildExtMatchmakingGamePlayer /

buildExtMatchmakingGamePlayer #

open suspend fun buildExtMatchmakingGamePlayer(gameInstance: GameInstance.GameInstance, party: GameInstance.GameParty, player: GameInstance.GamePlayer): ExtMatchmakingGamePlayer

Called when a game instance is about to be sent to matchmaking. Use to declare any custom data about the game party that needs to be sent to the MatchmakingService for use in MatchmakingPlugin.matchPartiesWithGame.

Used by:

  • GameInstance.enterMatchmakingV1
  • GameInstance.createMatchV2 (if GameInstance is to continue matchmaking after being created)

Return #

A customer-defined ext declaring any custom matchmaking details for the game-player.

Parameters #


The game being sent to matchmaking.


The game-party of the player being sent to matchmaking.


The game-player being sent to matchmaking.