Pragma Engine 0.0.85

September 20th, 2022

Features #

Added support for Playstation authentication.

  • Description: You can now log in to Pragma Engine with Playstation by using a Pragma-provided plugin. Please reach out to us for integration support.

Added PlanContentChangesOperatorV1 endpoint which returns lists of content catalog source file changes that haven’t been applied.

  • Description: The new endpoint PlanContentChangesOperatorV1 shows changes made to content catalog source files before they’ve been applied. It returns a list of new content, a list of changed content, and a list of removed content.
"contentChanges": {
"newContentData": [ ],
"changedContentData": [ ],
"removedContentData": [ ]

Portal: Content catalogs now display data from content source files and the source file location.

  • Description: Data from source files are now displayed in content catalogs, along with the name of the source file.

Bugs and Fixes #

Fixed protobuf generation issue that would fail with long file paths on Windows.

Fixed OnMatchFailed and OnMatchmakingFailed SDK events improperly clearing cached party data.

Docs #

[Updated SDK Guide] Added section on client-side authentication with Android to Unity Logging Into the Platform page.

[Updated Services Guide] Added section on game server selection based on player ping to the Matchmaking page.

[Updated Services Guide] Updated the description on the Game Flow Overview page.

[Updated Services Guide] Added section on secret encryption to the Configuration page in Customization.

[Updated Services Guide] Updated the Items page for clarity and accuracy.