Pragma Engine 0.0.71

June 7th, 2022

Deprecations #

  • Upgrade the listed Inventory RPC calls to their new versions to support hidden inventory.

    • Description: To support the new hidden inventory feature, the following InventoryRpc calls have been updated to partition data into player and hidden sections.
    OriginalReplacementRemoval Patch
  • Upgrade to MatchProcessedV3Notifications to prepare for the removal of the Progression service.

    • Description: In preparation for the removal of Progression service, MatchProcessedV2Notifications are being deprecated. By release 0.0.73, you must have updated to the MatchProcessedV3Notifications.
    OriginalReplacementRemoval Patch
    Unity: OnMatchProcessedV2NotificationUnity: OnMatchProcessedV3Notification0.0.73
    Unreal: OnMatchProcessedV2Unreal: OnMatchProcessedV30.0.73
    • Integration steps:

      • A feature toggle in MatchLifecycleService can be configured to switch to V3 once you’re ready:
            sendMatchProcessedV3Notification: true
      • Once you’ve successfully switched over to V3, be sure to update any references to the new version.

Integrations #

  • Remove all uses of PartyPlayer.progression in the PartyPlugin functions.
    • Description: As part of the Progression service deprecation, we’re removing all progression data from interservice calls and plugins.
    • Integration steps:
      • Audit your use of these functions to ensure that you are not using PartyPlayer.progression:
        • initializeParty
        • recreateParty
        • onAddPlayer
        • onRemovePlayer
        • updatePlayer
        • updateParty
        • buildMatchmakingKey
        • buildExtEnterMatchmakingV2Request
  • Update MatchLifecycle.MatchEndV4Request to use new itemServerGrants field.
    • Description: MatchLifecycle.MatchEndV4Request is being changed to use the itemServerGrants field instead of itemGrants to better reflect the fact that these grants are coming from the server and are trusted.
    • Integration steps:
      • Assign any item grants in PlayerMatchEndV4 under the itemServerGrants field.
      itemGrants: List<inventory.ItemGrantV2>itemServerGrants: List<inventory.ItemServerGrantV1>

Bugs and Fixes #

  • Unreal SDK: Fixed issue with core SDK always invalidating the Makefile. This should decrease build times by a few seconds.

Docs #