Pragma Engine 0.0.68

May 17th, 2022

Features #

  • New Party service is now live!
    • Description: The new Party service is now available, and recommended for use instead of the old Lobby service.
  • Account discriminators are now randomly generated instead of sequentially assigned.
    • Description: Accounts would previously receive sequentially-assigned discriminators. For example, the first account named Alice would be Alice#0001 and the second would be Alice#0002. The discriminator is now randomly assigned.

Deprecations #

  • Move over from the Progression service to the Inventory service.
    • Description: The Progression service will be fully removed in 0.0.70. If you are currently using the Progression service, please contact us for help moving over to the Inventory service.

Integrations #

  • Move and rename Party service protos.
    • Description: Some ext protos have been moved and renamed in preparation for Party service release.
    • Integration steps:
      • In the /platform/5-ext/ext-protos/src/main/proto/shared/ directory:
        • Delete partyExt.proto.
        • In the partyRpcExt.proto file, create the following protos. Remove the import relating to partyExt.proto if found.
// ext field for party state
message ExtPartySelections {
// ext field for player selection state within a party
message ExtPlayerSelections {
// ext field for private player selection state within a party
message ExtPrivatePlayerSelections {
// request ext field for creating a party
message ExtCreateRequest {
// request ext field for adding a player to a party
message ExtPlayerJoinRequest {
// request ext field for updating a player selection
message ExtUpdatePlayerSelectionsRequest {
// request ext field for updating a party selection
message ExtUpdatePartySelectionsRequest {
  • Use InventoryService.MatchEndV1 instead of InventoryService.MatchEndV0.
    • Description: Changes are only required to custom services making calls to this endpoint. No changes are required to services making calls to MatchLifecycleService.matchEndV3.
    • Integration step:
      • Make the following changes: InventoryRpc protos:
        Inventory RPC service route:

Bugs and Fixes #

  • Pragma Portal: Searching by Discord Account ID has been fixed.

Docs: #

  • [Feature] Basic task steps are now nested under “Quick Guides” headers on relevant Services guides.
  • [Updated Services Guide] The Party Services Guide has been updated with the new Party service details, including quick guides on basic tasks.