Pragma Engine 0.0.63

April 12th, 2022

Features #

  • The Unreal SDK can now recognize when a connection is degraded/recovered and surface that information to users.
    • Description: The Unreal SDK now fires Connection::OnDegraded when one or both websockets are having connection trouble, and Connection::OnRecovered when they are fully connected again.
  • You can now delete instancedItems via Operator, Partner, or Service gateways.
    • Description: Items will be destroyed when this endpoint is given a playerID and an ItemServerDestroyV1 list. This list is a oneof InstancedItemServerDestroy, which is an instance ID. Please note the Operator endpoint will be added to Postman with the next release.
    • InventoryRpc endpoints::
      • DestroyItemsPartnerV1
      • DestroyItemsOperatorV1
      • DestroyItemsServiceV1
  • Telemetry service is now live!
    • Description: You can now send arbitrary telemetry events from the game client, game server, plugins, and custom services. This service provides a realtime event pipeline that persists events to various terminating data stores or data lakes. Currently supports MySQL/MariaDB collectors, and other collectors can be implemented with the TelemetryPlugin.

Bugs and Fixes #

  • Makefile now supports user paths with spaces.
  • The Unreal & Unity SDKs now reset the lobby state when a connection is degraded.
    • Description: The SDK Lobby Service now resets the lobby state OnDegraded to keep client and platform states in sync.
  • Pragma Portal: Issue with searching by account provider ID has been resolved.