Pragma Engine 0.0.62

April 5th, 2022

Features #

  • ExtException now supports an optional message.
    • Description: When authoring plugin content and choosing to throw a custom error using ExtException, you can now also pass an optional explanatory string message providing additional detail.
  • Send players one-time content drops with the new Limited Grant system.
    • Description: You can now create a content file that grants players a drop of content when they log in (this does not grant multiple drop on multiple logins). This system supports instanced items, stackable items, and rewards.
    • Steps to enable:
      • Create the new LimitedGrant content files by running make ext or make build from the command line.
    • Unreal SDK: On shutdown, dangling response handlers are called with errors.
      • Description: When shutting down a Pragma Session, the Unreal SDK looks for any response handlers that have not yet been called, and calls them with EPragma_SdkError::ProtocolShuttingDown.

Deprecations #

  • ViewSocialIdentityPartnerV1Request is being deprecated in favor of ViewSocialIdentityPartnerV2Request.
    OriginalReplacementRemoval Patch

Integrations #

  • Rewrite your configuration files (e.g. LocalConfig.yml or CommonConfig.yml) to specify plugins by their fully qualified path.
    • Description: All configuration of strategies and plugins must use a fully qualified name (JVM name) instead of a simple name. Previously either were accepted.
  class: "DefaultPragmaGameDataStrategyPlugin"
  class: "pragma.gamedata.DefaultPragmaGameDataStrategyPlugin"

Bugs and Fixes #

  • Player Groups are now associated with socialId instead of accountId.
    • Description: accountIDs are intended to be used for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As Player Group data is not PII, it is now being kept in association with a player’s socialId. This is a purely behind-the-scenes change and should not cause any visible effects.