Pragma Engine 0.0.45


Features #

  • New Pragma CLI option crypto remoteServiceToken for generating Partner game and social tokens
  • RegisterEmailV1 api is configurable to create a pragma account and send an email with unique code to a prospective Beta user

Integration Notes #

  • Renamed any references to Arbiter or Example to Demo (eg ArbiterMatchEndPlugin -> DemoMatchEndPlugin)
  • Renamed 4-example-ext to 4-demo, and all example submodules to demo instead
  • Updated Makefile and various build scripts to use 4-demo instead of 4-example-ext
  • Renamed Unity and Unreal PragmaSDK ExampleProjects to be PragmaDemo
  • Delete all references to CatalogTestFactory in test code. Reimport from InventoryTestFactory. CatalogTestFactory has been collapsed into InventoryTestFactory.
  • Update all references from function InventoryTestFactory.stackableCatalogEntries to InventoryTestFactory.stackableSpecs
  • Update all references from function InventoryTestFactory.instancedCatalogEntries to InventoryTestFactory.instancedSpecs
  • Update all references from function InventoryTestFactory.repeatedStackableDelta to InventoryTestFactory.stackableDeltas
  • Update all references from function InventoryTestFactory.repeatedInstancedDeltaV2 to InventoryTestFactory.instancedDeltaV2s