Pragma Engine 0.0.40


Features #

  • Protobufs associated with content in the content/shared folder now use a string ID instead of int64. These changes affect the store and catalog system as well as the rewards system. Although any numeric value for an ID in the content definition files will automatically get cast to a string, this ID needs to be passed as a string through one’s application.
  • The local_game_player_inventory1 and local_game_player_inventory2 tables in the DB are destroyed and recreated with an additional catalogIdStr field persisting the string value as defined above. The numeric catalogId field will contain the (SipHash24) hash of this string ID.
  • Promoted the RPC endpoint CraftV0 to CraftV1 - The Unreal4, Unity and C# SDKs now have access to use the CraftV1 RPC endpoint. Implementation examples can be found in the ArbiterInstancedDataProviderPlugin and ArbiterCraftingPlugin; crafting catalog examples can be found in platform/4-example-ext/content/shared/CatalogCraftingEntries.json
  • Documentation can now be found in pragma-engine/documentation/release. Open Default.htm to view the new doc site.
    • The Google Docs directory is now deprecated but will remain available until all docs are ported over.

Integration Notes #

  • PartnerConnectionInfoConfig token was renamed to gameToken, if you configure this value you will need to update it or authentication errors will occur in GameServer calls

Deprecation #

  • InventoryV1Data field on LoginData has been removed.
  • InventoryV1Data field on LobbyPlayer has been removed.
  • MatchLifecycleRpc.MatchEndV2Request/Response has been removed.
  • MatchLifecycleRpc.MatchEnd has been removed.
  • InventoryRpc.UpdateItemV3Request/Response has been removed.
  • InventoryCommon.ItemGrant has been removed.
  • InventoryCommon.ItemUpdate has been removed.
  • Google Docs documentation is deprecated and will be removed when the new documentation is fully caught up.