Pragma Engine 0.0.38


Features #

  • New operator RPC for portal to access Stores, Game and Rewards catalogs.
  • Custom identity provider support added
  • Rich Inventory in UnitySDK featuring client side cache.
  • JWT token now contains more information related to a player identity, the new tokens are not yet used to validate with server
  • GetLoginDataV1 now contains additional Catalog data (updateEntries and craftingEntries)

Integration Notes #

  • The configuration of Discord authentication has changed very slightly. The block of configuration that used to live under serviceConfigs.DiscordIdProviderConfig now resides under pluginConfigs.AccountService.discordIdentityProvider. See 4-example-ext/config/CommonConfig.yml for an example.
  • New configuration is needed to enable Epic Online Services authentication.
      class: "EpicIdentityProvider"
  • New configuration is needed to enable Steam authentication.
      class: "SteamIdentityProvider"
      config: <-- configuration from old serviceConfigs.SteamIdProviderConfig -->

Deprecation #

  • InventoryV1Data field on LoginData has been deprecated. Use LoginData InventoryFullV1Data.
  • Removed InventoryV1Data inside LobbyPlayer. Affects LobbyStrategy plugin.
  • MatchLifecycleService.MatchEndV2Request deprecated in favor of MatchLifecycleService.MatchEndV3Request.
  • InventoryService.ItemUpdateV3 deprecated in favor of InventoryService.ItemUpdateV4.