Pragma Engine 0.0.32


Features #

  • Content Data is now available to all plugins. This requires an update to the constructors of all plugins to conform to the new interface.
  • GetStoresV0 returns store data annotated with eligibility for the calling player. Eligibility considers both Store Entry requirements and consults a plugin that can access the player’s progression data.
  • UnitySDK: now supports automatic websocket reconnection with backoff. See new SdkConfig values for more info.
  • Bug fix: Match End now correctly enforces stackable costs of catalog updates.
  • Game and Social config file format have been merged into a single config format, see platform/TemplatePragmaConfig.yml for an example.

Integration Notes #

  • 3-extensions have been removed and 4-apps have been renamed to 3-apps. All custom and …ext proto files as well as any extensions defined in 3-extensions should now be defined in the 5-ext module.
  • Customers should continue to use make ext run can be used to just build and run changes in 5-ext
  • Due to the change in project structure, there may be some issues running within Intellij. After making the changes you may need to clear out your m2 directory and use the Invalidate Caches… option in the IDE (under File). Please reach out if you run into additional issues with the IDE.

Deprecation #

  • The command line arguments social-configuration-filepaths and game-configuration-filepaths will be removed. Use configuration-filepaths instead. See platform/TemplatePragmaConfig.yml for an example of the new config file format.