Pragma Engine 0.0.25


Features #

  • C# SDK supports Promise/Futures (non-yieldable).
  • Unity/C#
    • Added rich lobby implementation in LobbyService. We recommend using this instead of the Raw API!
    • DisplayName and Discriminator are available in AccountService after logging in.
    • Added MatchFailureV1Notification Raw event.

Integration Notes #

  • UnrealSDK LobbyService:
    • Fixed crash when sending notification that player joined lobby.
    • Fix debug server adding a stray requestId to the types response that showed up as a missing type warning.

Deprecation #

Pragma Engine - DEPRECATED this release (Scheduled for 0.0.27):

  • InventoryRpc.ServiceGrantRewardsV1Request/Response
    • Use InventoryRpc.ServiceGrantRewardsV2Request/Response
    • InventoryDeltaV2Data is now used instead in the new response