Pragma Engine 0.0.16


Features #

  • Unreal SDK
    • Extension services should now live outside of the SDK and register with Session::RegisterService instead of being added to PragmaExtensionServices.h.
    • New SDK update script: sdk/unreal4/
      • See script for configuration details.
    • UPragmaConnection::ConnectionError renamed to UPragmaConnection::FConnectionError
    • PragmaSdkConfig has a UserData field that can be used to pass arbitrary data using the existing Pragma.ini flow at deploy-time.
  • Infrastructure
    • Support for deploying game server binary to a shard.
      • New buildkite pipeline that pulls from an s3 bucket.
      • updated to use a local binary.
      • New script which simplifies uploading a game server to the s3 bucket.

Deprecation #

Pragma Engine - DEPRECATED this release (will be removed in release 0.0.18):

  • make.ps1 script
  • storePurchaseV1 RPC