Pragma Engine 0.0.15


Features #

  • Content data is now exclusively loaded externally from the jar from a supplied folder
    • See the Execution section in
    • For the most up-to-date command-line arguments, you can look in: platform/4-apps/server/src/main/kotlin/gg/pragma/LocalApplication.kt
  • Unreal SDK
    • UPragmaMatchCapacityService has a new method ReportCapacityUntilMatchAllocated for use in the Local Process and Multiplay server flows.
    • New helper object UPragmaMultiplayConfig which can be used to automatically scan for Multiplay-specific server.json configuration.

Improvements #

  • UpgradeItemV1
    • Returns full inventory snapshot in response rather than partial
  • New service error provided when gateway is unable to route a request
    • Client will receive FailedToRoute error instead of UNKNOWN_ERROR
  • Unreal Game Server
    • Unreal Example project includes support for packaging a game server stub that reports capacity and simulates a match loop.
    • This provides an example that demonstrates an end-to-end game loop.