Tools and Customization #

Pragma provides tools and customization options for game development. Tools include:

  • An Operator Portal for developers to perform administrative tasks.
  • A Player Portal for players to view and manage account information.
  • Unreal and Unity SDKs with raw and rich APIs

Using these tools, you can customize your game development in the following ways:

  • Configure out-of-the-box features such as cross-platform account integrations, content unlock and purchase flows, game server hosting providers, and more.
  • Author plugins to customize matchmaking logic, implement custom account services, and author unique content flows while relying on Pragma Engine’s incredible scale and sound architecture.
  • Build custom microservices from scratch to build differentiated features for your game, all while still relying on Pragma’s network, security, and session protocols so you aren’t forced to start from scratch.

For instructions on using external tools such as Docker, Postman, and IntelliJ, see the Pragma GitHub README file, which is accessible once onboarding has started.

Topics in this section #

SDKsOverview of SDKs and APIs in Pragma.
Customization MethodsMethods for customizing Pragma Engine.
List of PluginsList of Plugins by Service.