Pragma SDKs #

SDKs are provided to ease integration between your game and Pragma Engine. Pragma Engine provides engine-native SDKs for Unreal and Unity. Each SDK is designed to be used by both the player clients and game servers to interact with Pragma. Pragma supports the WebSocket protocol for player connections, and the HTTP for game server connections.

The SDKs expose the following APIs:

  • a raw API that can be used directly
  • a rich API with sophisticated features such as caching patterns, notification queues, and methods for handling specific workflows like party invites and matchmaking

The engine hosts multiple API gateways serving different clients, including Players, Operators, and Partner services. Each gateway is hosted on its own port, ensuring secure access to trusted gateways.

Game Loop API #

The Unreal and Unity Game Loop APIs are rich APIs for player clients to interact with party and matchmaking functionality. Functions facilitate actions such as:

  • Create parties
  • Sent and respond to party invites
  • Join and leave parties
  • Assign party leaders
  • Leave matchmaking
  • Get matchmaking info

To use the Unreal SDK and Game Loop API, you need to call the Initialize() function. This ensures that the SDK is in sync with the Pragma backend with regards to a player’s position within a party.


Match API #

The Unreal and Unity Match APIs are rich APIs for game servers to interact with game functionality. Functions facilitate actions such as:

  • Request game start
  • Start and stop capacity polling
  • Connect and verify players
  • Remove players
  • Enter matchmaking
  • Update game instances
  • End game

Friends API #

Pragma provides a rich Friends API for Unreal, and a raw Friends API for Unity. Both services facilitate actions between the player client and Pragma Engine. Actions include :

  • Send and respond to friend invites
  • Get friends list
  • Remove friends