Presence Overview #

The presence feature allows players to set pre-defined (basic) and custom (rich) statuses, and display these status to friends. Using Presence, developers can integrate social features such as in-game chat with online friends, seamless party formation, and interactions based on player activity, making it easier for friends to connect, coordinate, and play together.

Presence types #

With basic presence, players can appear “online” or “away”. With rich presence, you can customize the presence data that is displayed to friends. For example, you may want a player’s friends to see their team’s current score, or allow players to set a custom away message.

Presence workflow #

  • When a user first logs on, no presence status exists.
  • Presence statuses are set by the player client via the Presence API, and by the game server via the Match API. Developers can handle custom data using the methods in the Presence Plugin. See Presence Tasks for specific tasks.
  • Upon logout, crash, or disconnect, Pragma will automatically remove the presence status.