Structure #

Running the initialize command generates a src folder under 5-ext/portal. Below is a list of all the folders included in src.

assets #

Third-party libraries, scripts, and styles that should be loaded first.

Use the assets.styles and assets.js config options to specify which JavaScript and CSS files should be loaded by the browser before the app is started.

config #

Configuration files.


  • config/default.js: loaded by default
  • config/local-dev.js: used locally (ignored by Git)

The standard default should be sufficient for most use cases, but all available options can be found in /web/portal/src/config/base.js.

extensions #

Portal extension definitions.

Extensions are loaded from here when added to the config file under app.extensions.

This folder contains customExtension.js, which includes examples of how to update existing portlets and replace swappable components. This extension can be changed, or new extensions can be created in this folder and registered in the config.

lib #

Local code imported by portlets and extensions, including helpers, utils, and common Vue components.

portlets #

Custom portlet definitions.

The system recursively looks for folders with a .js file directly inside with the exact same name as the portlet.

This folder contains MyCustomPortlet, which is an example of a portlet that can be seen in the Portal under the Services menu. This portlet can be changed, or new portlets can be added and registered in the config.

public #

Public files.

Everything in this folder is publicly available to HTTP calls.

.build #

Temporary builds of the app as needed.

This is ignored by Git.