Monetization #

Pragma Engine has features that streamline the integration process with the most popular third party providers for in-game purchases. In addition, Pragma Engine provides plugins and API endpoints which follow the best practices outlined by each provider (e.g. server authoritative), ensuring smooth payment processing flows.

There are two possible payment flows: third-party provider entitlements and payments.

Studios that want to leverage a third-party provider’s store configuration resources can opt for Pragma Engine’s Provider Entitlement feature. Through the Provider Entitlement’s flow, studios can create their store entries using a third party provider’s interface and have support with config details (e.g. localization and regional pricing).

Pragma Engine’s Payment service is ideal for studios that want control over their config details and store entries. Studios that use the Payment service rely on providers to process real-world transactions but handle their own catalog management.

Topics in this section #

PaymentA service for in-game purchases where studios manage their own catalog with Pragma Engine.
Provider EntitlementsA feature for in-game purchases on a third-party provider’s interface with support of third-party store catalog management.