Accounts #

Pragma Engine’s Account service manages cross-platform, cross-progression, and cross-play titles. The Account service enables studios and publishers to have a single social community across multiple game launches.

Pragma Accounts support account linking across all PC, console, and mobile game platforms, as well as common social media identity providers. A Pragma Account acts as a parent for several sub-accounts that are used for different services, scopes, and features. These sub-accounts are scoped for different levels of data sensitivity to support data privacy compliance and straightforward data migration workflows. For more information, see Pragma Account.

Authentication #

Pragma Engine offers the flexibility to authenticate with any identity provider of your choice using the Identity Provider Plugin. The following are some pre-implemented/supported identity providers:

Pragma Engine’s SDK provides a streamlined process for authenticating players and operators. Authenticated players and operators can then use your game client to make requests to Pragma Engine.

Login and session #

The Account service can manage your players’ and operators’ login and session experience. A user session is formed when a player or operator uses your game client and identity provider to connect to your game and social services.

Pragma Engine provides a test provider called Unsafe Provider, intended for non-production use cases, such as during development and internal testing. Additional identity providers can be enabled in the config.

Cross-platform accounts #

A Pragma Account can be linked to multiple identity providers enabling cross-platform experiences. Pragma Engine supports the following:

  • Cross-platform: describes games that ship on multiple platforms
  • Cross-progression: enables players to continue their in-game progress on one account across multiple game platforms
  • Cross-play: allows matchmaking to connect players across different game platforms

Topics in this section #

AuthenticationDedicated gateways and authentication endpoints.
Login and SessionManage user sessions with long-lived WebSockets and queues.
Cross-Platform AccountsCross-progression, cross-play, and cross-platform support account linking between platforms.
Identity ProvidersUsing identity providers for authentication and social integration.
Account DataAccount data represents any data that cannot be scoped lower than the account itself.
Player GroupsGroup player accounts for live ops and shard management features.
BansRestrict a player's access from your game by issuing an account ban.
Limited Access ModeSchedule time windows that open the platform for specified Player Groups.
Account PluginThe Account Plugin can be used to add custom behavior during the account lifecycle.