Account Data Reference #

Data rights plugins #

The data rights plugins can be used to define what social and game data is sent to a player in their data package when you make a personal data request. By default, only social account data is collected; game account data collection needs to be enabled. For more information, see Privacy Rights.

Email Sender Plugin #

The Email Sender Plugin can be used to send an email to players for email verification for their Pragma Account. Configuring a preimplemented and custom Email Sender Plugin is covered in Email Verification.

Data classes #

Social identity with personal #

SocialIdentityWithPersonal contains account data such as social, player, and PII data.

socialIdentitySocial identity object containing non-PII data for an account. See Social identity.
pragmaPersonalIdUnique personal identifier for the player (game agnostic)
tagsList of associated tags on the account

Player’s email address
emailVerifiedBoolean determining if a player has verified their email
createdTimestampMillisTimestamp in milliseconds for when the account was created
lastLoginTimestampMillisTimestamp in milliseconds for when the player logged in last
lastDisplayNameUpdateTimestampMillisTimestamp in milliseconds for when the player’s Pragma Account display name was last updated

Social identity #

SocialIdentity contains all the core information for a player.

pragmaSocialIdUnique social identifier for the player (game agnostic)
pragmaDisplayNameObject containing a player’s display name and optional discriminator. See Display name.
gameIdentitiesList of player IDs and their associated game shard. See Game identity.
idProviderAccountsList of identity providers the account can use to authenticate with. See Identity provider account.

Display name #

DisplayName is an object containing a player’s display name and an optional discriminator.

displayNamePlayer’s display name
discriminatorSuffix to distinguish a player’s account with the same display name (Cerberus#0000, Cerberus#0001)

Game identity #

Game identity represents the association of the social identity with the player’s game shard information.

gameShardIdUnique identifier for a game
pragmaPlayerIdUnique identifier for a player in a game

Identity provider account #

Each identity provider (Steam, Epic, Playstation) linked to the social identity.

idProviderTypeenum type of the identity provider (STEAM, DISCORD). See Identity Providers for more information.
accountIdUser ID from the identity provider
providerDisplayNameObject containing a player’s display name and optional discriminator. See Display name.